• Is the process whereby a freight forwarder fills a container with a number of smaller consignments which he receives from different shippers. He then covers these consignments with House Bill of Laden or a House Airway Bill in order to make it easy for consignment to be break bulk at Port of destination.

    This is a very important role that the Freight forwarder plays in reducing freights or cost. He then prepares the relevant customs documents and forwards it to his agents at Port of destination to break bulk to the various consignees.

    We therefore facilitate trade and essentially promote export and import trade into the country through the Consolidation/ Groupage of goods. This facility is greatly to the advantage of those who has less container load to export or import because without this facility they are compelled to ship a less container load goods for a full container load good. They are therefore forced to pay more for freight covering the good. So why not use our Services to reduce cost on your freight.